General terms of use of ``Projectstudio.Bg`` online store

This document contains the General Terms and Conditions for using the services provided by “Shaal” OOD to users in the online store “” and regulates the relations between “Shaal” OOD and users.


When sending an order, it is considered that the user is familiar with and agrees with the general conditions for using the online store “”. The general terms and conditions describe all issues related to the operation of the “” online store.


PART ONE – General conditions for users


By registering in the “” online store, users agree to the below general terms and conditions for the services provided by “Shaal” OOD.

By accepting the general conditions, users who have registered a username and password expressly agree that the Personal Data provided by them (including the selected username and password) will be processed by “” electronically upon delivery of ordered goods or services.

“Shaal” Ltd. is not responsible for pictures or photos, as well as all other objects on the site, falling under the protection of patent and copyright, provided by users of the website /site/ “”. We request that the rights holders of materials provided by our users notify us promptly, providing the necessary evidence, after which such materials will be removed from the website.

“Shaal” Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.


PART TWO – General conditions related to the manufacture of products.


The contractor under the construction contract is the company “Shaal” Ltd. EIC: BG117529856, headquarters and address of management Ruse, 10A Dondukov-Korsakov St.

A customer is any person who has registered in the on-line store “”, managed by the Contractor, who has placed a valid order by filling out a request and sending it for production.

On-line store is the website with the domain “”, owned by the Contractor.

The subject of the contract is the production of a print selected from the catalog /every product from the catalog is produced/.

The articles on which a print can be made are comprehensively listed by size, color and type in the relevant section of the On-line store, and are provided by the Contractor, and their value is included in the total value of the contract.
The print-article combination is according to the customer’s project. The virtual store has a catalog of items from which the customer can choose.

Delivery is at the customer’s expense, unless otherwise specified.

The contractor undertakes to perform the tasks assigned to him within 5 working days from the conclusion of this contract.
The price of the finished product is calculated by the “make your own design” designer or is described in the catalog. If there is a change in the price, the Contractor is obliged to notify the user within 48 hours of receiving the order.


The possible payment methods are::

  1. By cash on delivery to the courier service making the delivery.
  2. By payment by debit/credit card, as described in the payment steps.

– Payment by debit/credit card through the VPOS of DSK.
– Types of cards accepted: Visa and Mastercard debit, credit and business cards
– Transactions are carried out using the MasterCard Identity check and VISA Secure security programs.
– From the point of view of security, the maximum amount for card payment is BGN 2000.00.
– We do not store data about the bank cards used for payment through the site.
– If it is necessary to return an amount paid with a bank card, the amount is refunded to the card with which the payment was made.

  1. By direct bank transfer (online banking or on-site at your bank)
  2. With the express consent of the ordering party, by advance payment in a manner agreed upon by the parties.

The contractor is not responsible for delays caused by the courier company.

The order contract is considered concluded from the moment the order is sent to the Contractor, giving rise to the legal consequences provided for in Bulgarian legislation, as well as the following rights and obligations:

Rights and obligations of the Contractor

The contractor undertakes to carry out, for a fee, the placement of the stamp on the item selected by the ordering party, a project for the stamp according to the terms and conditions of this contract.

The contractor reserves the right to calculate the final price through an algorithm provided in the virtual store.

The contractor reserves the right to refuse to fulfill orders related to the printing of symbols prohibited by law, as well as those causing aggression and discrimination.

The contractor reserves the right not to fulfill orders placed by customers who have unreasonably refused to pay for previous orders.

Rights and obligations of the Orderer

The customer has the right to receive the manufactured article according to the terms and conditions of this contract.

The customer undertakes to pay the price agreed upon when sending the order.

The customer undertakes to enter correct data about the order, such as name, address, phone number and date of receipt, in the places provided for this in the cart of the online store.

Irregularities, return, compensation

The contractor is not responsible for the qualities of the finished product, directly dependent on the project provided to him by the customer, namely:

poor-quality print as a result of a poor-quality picture provided by the customer.
unacceptable appearance of the product, as a result of purely aesthetic inconsistencies originating from the project provided by the customer through the self-design form.

as well as others not listed in detail.

The contractor undertakes to correct the irregularities, as a result of poor quality workmanship, in one of the following ways, chosen by the customer:

By making a new product according to the same project at the Contractor’s expense.

By making an item on a new project of the same value.

By discount on item selection.

By returning the amount paid under the contract.

The correction of irregularities by the Contractor takes place within 15 days, after confirmation by him that he recognizes that the irregularity is his fault.

In order to exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform us of the request and give an unequivocal statement to cancel the contract. You can use: Standart form for the right ot cancellation and send it to us by e-mail at address

The costs of returning the goods are borne by the customer.

The assessment of the origin of the irregularity in the finished product is carried out on the basis of a photo sent to the contractor with the alleged irregularity.

The ordering party’s refusal to accept and pay for the ordered product, made by the Contractor according to his design, is considered a breach of this contract, in which case the contractor is entitled to compensation in the amount of double the price of this contract.

Pursuant to Art. 55 par. 2 of the Consumer Protection Act, the contractor reserves the right to refuse the return of the goods, except in cases of irregularities due to the contractor’s fault, described in this contract.


Protection of personal data


By visiting the site “”, you accept and agree to our policy for the use and protection of your personal data (In case you do not agree with this policy, you must immediately stop using our site) .


Our policy could change in response to legislative and administrative changes, so it is advisable to check the page periodically.